Fifteen years after graduating from hygiene school in Canada, writing the US hygiene board exam seemed like a daunting task but with HygienistPrep I was able to feel completely prepared and passed on my first attempt. Thank-you for making a challenging, accurate, interactive study/learning guide!

Christine, Saskatchewan Polytechnic

HygienistPrep is great for learning how to properly read and understand the questions. It allows for recognition of the point of the question. HygienistPrep made me realize where I would misread a question and taught me how to correctly interpret the prompts. I learned more information about disease prevention and ethics from HygienistPrep than 2 years in hygiene school.

Dominique, West Coast University

I really felt like the case studies helped me. I felt very confident while taking the NBDHE.

Lindsy, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

The randomized questions, the variety of formats, and the case studies were all excellent in the sense that they provided a good idea of what the test would look like.

Sara, Indiana School of Dentistry

Although the questions were tough, I really felt like it prepared me for how the boards questions would be worded!

Leah, Century College

I thought it was a great tool! It had very challenging questions and types simulated on the NBDHE. I would suggest studying during your winter break because there is SO much material it became overwhelming.

Lisa, Harcum College

I just wanted to let you know that I passed my state board exam. I used HygienistPrep and I must say it was very helpful. Many questions from HygienistPrep came on the board exam and I was so excited. It made it easier for me. Many thanks to you and other members of your staff. Thank you for coming in and speaking to the students at NYU College of Dentistry.

Rachael, New York University

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