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1. Why should I subscribe to HygienistPrep?

HygienistPrep is a study resource with numerous features not available elsewhere to assist you in passing the NBDHE®. With its interactive, on-line format, HygienistPrep customizes your study sessions by creating detailed reports on your progress in all subject areas. This will allow you to allocate your study time to the areas that will help you most on your exam. The database also remembers the questions that you answer incorrectly and asks you those questions again until you get them right. Randomization of the answer choices prevents you from memorizing the location of the correct answer and helps you to actually learn the subject matter.

HygienistPrep has the most extensive question database of its type with well over 1,500 questions and detailed answer explanations which serve as key learning material. HygienistPrep has an extensive dental hygiene and technical staff that keeps material relevant and up to date in all specialty areas.

The practice questions are formatted similarly to that of the actual exam, allowing you to become more familiar and comfortable with the types of questions on the exam and the process of navigating through this type of test. The database covers topics most relevant and commonly covered on an entry level exam, and excludes most of the minutia that would be less efficient for you to study. In short, HygienistPrep is the best interactive, straightforward, and to-the-point way to prepare for the dental hygiene board exam.

Hundreds of HygienistPrep PowerPages provide focused review pages on important topics for your preparation.

2. What is the HygienistPrep Guarantee?

HygienistPrep is confident that anyone who completes the HygienistPrep course will pass the NBDHE exam on their first attempt. This is largely because questions are recycled until they are correctly answered which enables and encourages students to learn all of the material in order to make it through the entire course.

HygienistPrep will provide a brand new HygienistPrep subscription if you do not pass the exam. In order to qualify for a free re-subscription, you must have completed the full HygienistPrep course by finishing all practice questions, cases and timed exam questions before the date of your NBDHE. Please read our Terms & Conditions for more detail on the Guarantee.

If you did not pass the NBDHE exam, contact HygienistPrep support for instructions on how to submit the materials necessary to process your re-subscription.

3. Who writes HygienistPrep questions?

Over 20 dental and dental hygiene professionals contribute and edit content. There are specialists in every major area that respond to student questions in addition to our outstanding customer and technical support staff. These dental professionals represent a mix of renowned experts and specialists as well as dental hygienists with recent NBDHE experience. This means that if you read a question and feel that you may have learned something differently, an email to our support desk will be forwarded to an expert in that dental hygiene area so that you can receive an up to date response that you can trust. For a list of our contributors go to our authors page.

Questions, Exams, and Features

1. Can I answer the questions in HygienistPrep more than once?

Through the course, you will take many questions at least twice, once in a practice mode and once in a practice exam. There are some questions that will appear only in one module but have the content and concept reinforced in the other section. This change was made based on student feedback that short, to the point questions are the most efficient way to learn key points.

The question recycling aspect of HygienistPrep is one of its unique and special features. This feature forces the user to learn all of the material in order to successfully complete both sections of the program. HygienistPrep feels that anyone who has learned all of the material in the course should be in spectacular shape going into their exam.

Once you have correctly completed questions, they will not be asked to you again, however, you can go back to review individual questions in the review and stats area of the program and in the missed questions area of the course.

2. Question Bank Resets & Access to Material

An active subscription entitles you to access all questions in Practice Question and Timed Exam modes until you have answered each question correctly. Because your individualized statistics (which can provide valuable guidance in your studying) are based on your question history, we are unable to reset your question bank.

Once you have completed the program by answering all questions correctly, you continue to have access to all questions through your Statistics pages. Therein, you will find a history of every question you have answered, including answer explanations. In this way, all of the material remains available to you for the duration of your subscription.

3. How many practice exams are there?

The practice exam question database contains over 1,500 questions. Exams can be taken at varying lengths - anywhere between 5 and 60 questions per exam. So depending on the number of questions you take per exam, there will be a minimum of between 25 and 300 exams. However, you should note that if you miss questions in these exams, they will be recycled with answer choices re-ordered and asked again in a subsequent exam so you actually will have more than that number of exams depending on how well you do.

4. Are HygienistPrep questions taken from actual NBDHE material?

No. HygienistPrep questions are original and copyrighted and are not taken from previous NBDHE material. Printing, distributing, or any other use of the questions, answers, explanations, photographs, or other material at this site is strictly prohibited without express written consent from XPrep Learning Solutions, Inc.

Any person or company claiming to use NBDHE material without their express consent is in violation of their code of conduct and use of such materials is illegal and could result in license forfeiture. HygienistPrep is a successful review program because the questions in the course cover a wide array of topics that an entry level dental hygienist would be expected to know. By providing detailed explanations with many questions, even if the question on the topic is not the same on your NBDHE, the material you have learned will help you reason your way to the best answer.

5. What do I do if I find a typographical error or believe a question, answer, or explanation contains an error?

If you believe there is an error in a question, please copy and paste the question to HygienistPrep Support and indicate what you believe to be incorrect. If you have a reference for your viewpoint, feel free to include it. The HygienistPrep team meets weekly to review any questions about the course material and to make modifications and additions as needed. When needed, HygienistPrep may also contact an appropriate specialist to obtain the most definitive answer to your question which can take some additional time.

6. What is HygienistPrep Mobile?

HygienistPrep Mobile is a version of HygienistPrep optimized for easy and fast accessibility by a mobile device. This allows you to access your account and take practice questions via your iPhone, smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device.

7. Do I have to pay for HygienistPrep Mobile?

HygienistPrep Mobile is free to all users subscribed to HygienistPrep.


1. How long is my HygienistPrep subscription valid?

A HygienistPrep subscription is valid for 90 days from the date of payment.

2. Are partial subscriptions available?

No, partial subscriptions are not offered at this time.

3. Can I extend my subscription if my account expires?

HygienistPrep no longer offers subscription extensions.

4. Can I share my HygienistPrep account?

HygienistPrep prohibits sharing of your account and monitors all account activity. HygienistPrep reserves the right to cancel a subscription if unauthorized use is suspected. Additionally, sharing of accounts will alter your personalized performance record and reduce the number of questions you have available to take.


1. I am unable to register for an account with HygienistPrep. What can I do?

The most common cause for registration failure comes from an incorrect billing address, name, credit card number, or credit card expiration date. Please make sure these are all correct before submitting your registration. Discrepancies with any of this information may cause your registration to fail. It is for your own security!

If you are confident that you have input all of the information correctly but still get the same error message repeatedly, contact HygienistPrep support so that we can determine the cause of your registration failure and help you to sign up.

2. Why can't I login to my account?

Check your Internet browser settings to make sure that cookies, Java, JavaScript, and pop-ups are enabled. Check out for detailed instructions on how to enable these functions within your web browser. HygienistPrep is optimized for use with the Google Chrome web browser (which can be downloaded for free). It is also compatible with most other web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

3. I was just using my account, but now I can't log back in and it tells me, "Your session is no longer valid because your account is logged in from another location." What should I do?

This is a security function that protects your account from others trying to use it illegally. If you encounter this message, you must wait 15 minutes before you will be allowed to log back into your account. To ensure this does not happen to you, use the "Logout" link at the top left of the window when you are finished studying, then close all browser windows.

Another reason why this may happen is because of an intermittent Internet connection. This means that you may lose your Internet connection, or it is reset for a brief period of time (could be under a second), and hence the server sees you are already logged in. Please wait 15 minutes before trying to log in again, and you may continue studying with HygienistPrep!

If you suspect that someone may have obtained your password and is using your account, contact HygienistPrep support immediately.

4. How can I change my password?

To change your password, please do the following:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click Account Info in the upper right corner of your HygienistPrep homepage.
  3. Click the Edit button at the bottom of the Account Info Page.
  4. Type a new password in the password box. Be careful as the letters are not displayed.
  5. Click the save button at the bottom.

5. When I try to log in, I am unable to do so and the screen says "Uh Oh, please login." What do I do?

Check your Internet browser settings to make sure that cookies, Java, JavaScript, and pop-ups are enabled. Check out for detailed instructions on how to enable these functions within your web browser. HygienistPrep is optimized for use with the Google Chrome web browser (which can be downloaded for free). It is also compatible with most other web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

6. What are the system requirements to use HygienistPrep?

HygienistPrep requires an Internet connection. High speed connections will be most efficient for study purposes. HygienistPrep is optimized for use with the Google Chrome web browser (which can be downloaded for free). It is compatible with most other web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, provided that they are Javascript enabled, and allow both cookies and pop-ups.

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